Ginza West Namiki-dori, Full of Charms!
Elegant shops line up on both sides of the Ginza West Namiki-dori. When you look down, there is the red granite sidewalk. A pleasant sense of restlessness flows in the air as Ginza West Namiki-dori is where all the main stores gather. Also, there are the neatly aligned Linden trees. When you walk through the street while absorbing its unique culture, the street and people will appear like paintings. Ginza West Namiki-dori, a perfect place for sophisticated adults.

Ginza style Omotenashi (hospitality), a gift of culture in which the people of Ginza built and polished together with our beloved customers. “Culture is our selling point”. Even if the times change, our predecessors’ spirit is taken over to us today.Please come and meet Ginza West Namiki-dori as well as its people, you would experience the heart and culture of Ginza.
The Ginza West Namiki-dori, Unexpected Encounters!
Namiki-dori’s Now and Beyond
Ginza, a representative town of Japan, continues to grow into the “Ginza in the World”. By studying and appreciating its history, Namiki-dori begins to transform itself for the future. The Ginza West Namiki-dori widened the pavements by changing the roadway from two lanes to one lane, in pursue of better comfort and safety for visitors’ concern “we cannot enjoy the town unless the sidewalks are safe.”

Just as Ginza has been welcoming customers who have special places in their hearts for Ginza, we hope Namiki-dori’s spirits will continue to grow and bring joy to our present and future visitors

Visiting the Namiki-dori brings happiness to my everyday life.
Meeting people of the Namiki-dori makes me feel good.

Aiming to hear further favorable comments from our visitors, new projects are underway to foster and expand the richness of Namiki-dori that is invisible to the eye.

We are creating future by fully appreciating and utilizing the past. Please look forward to the evolving Ginza West Namiki-dori!
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